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Click on the headers below to read more about how to use the different sections throughout the IAUK website.

How to Perform a Candidate Search

You can use our Free Text Search at the top of the page or the Directory Search down the left hand side.

Keep the searches simple (i.e. just search on a division) and if you get too many results back, refine the search by narrowing by job title or location.

If you get more than 20 candidates back use the Page Navigation buttons at the bottom of the search results to view the rest.

Viewing a Candidate

After you have searched for a candidate, just click on the job title of the candidate in which you are interested to view the full details.

Requesting a CV

You can request a CV by clicking on the 'Request CV' button in the Candidate Description page. You can also apply quickly by clicking on the email link at the bottom of the candidate description.

Once your details have been registered with us your consultant will contact you to help to fill your current vacancy.

Registering With Us

You can register with us either through requesting a CV (as detailed in the other sections of this page) or by clicking on the 'Register Vacancy' button in the header navigation. This will take you to the main registration page.

Voucher for a Friend Promotion

Voucher for a Friend is an ongoing promotion that Independent Appointments and Adjusting Appointments are running that offers you the chance to receive up to £600 of shopping vouchers if you recommend a friend to us that we go on to successfully place in employment.