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Controlling Costs with Strategized Health Benefits

Aon published a report in the latter quarter of 2020 concerning medical rates and expectations for employers for the year 2021. While the surge in healthcare costs in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa is quite significant, countries in the UK and Europe are to experience a moderate increase of up to 5.5%.

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2021-03-31

Your Vehicle and Brexit - What Changes?

The United Kingdom officially departed from the EU at the end of January 2020, marking the beginning of the transition period that ended on December 31st the same year.

Writen by: Anthony Brooks on 2021-03-16

The Fight Goes On for Loss Adjusters as the Pandemic Continues

The insurance industry in the UK is no stranger to dealing with unexpected circumstances impacting their services. In the last 20 years, insurers in the UK have had to deal with the aftermath of claims filed by businesses and individuals following natural catastrophes.

Writen by: Nick Fraser on 2021-03-02

Accidental Damage Coverage - A Case for UK Commercial Property Owners

Accidental damage insurance is commonly associated with homeowners. It protects from incurring huge bills for repairs or replacements in the case they or a visitor accidentally damages permanent fixtures, breaks a window, or spills red wine on a white sofa.

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2021-02-17

Flood Impact for Loss Adjusting on Local Businesses

Every year, the UK and surrounding European countries are subjected to Mother Nature’s power in the form of extratropical cyclones. While cyclonic windstorms can sporadically occur throughout the year, they are most common during the European windstorm season.

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2021-02-02

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