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Treat or Treat?

Find the pumpkin and enter our prize draw to win £50 High Street Voucher…


[EDIT: The competition is now closed and the winner announced on social media.]


That time of year has arisen again where you either grasp the opportunity to dress up your little one and present them to family and friends (whilst simultaneously imagining their reaction to the pictures of this event on their 18th birthday), awkwardly trail house to house waiting at the gate whilst a group of small skeletons and witches request free sweets or (and I have done this in the past) turn of all of the lights pretending not to be home.

This year at IAUK we are embracing the event, the lights are staying on, the sweets are by the door (there may be some missing, I couldn’t possibly say what happened there).

Find the pumpkin hiding on the pages of the iauk.co.uk website and enter our prize draw to win a £50 High Street Voucher.  All names of entrants with the correct answer will be put into a hat and the winner drawn out.

The end-date for entries is Wednesday 31st October at 12:00 noon.  The draw will be performed and winner announced before close of business on 31st October.

The pumpkin is hiding on our iauk.co.uk website – can you find it?  If you’d like to take part please email your name and answer (the link to the page of our site containing the pumpkin) to competition@iauk.co.uk to enter into our draw to win £50 in High Street Vouchers.

Things I didn’t realise about All Hallows Eve:

Though a very popular holiday in America, Halloweens roots are actually Celtic.  Its origins come from the Celtic pagan festival named Samhain, a festival for the dead, whereby people would dress in costume and leave tasty treats on their doorsteps to appease spirits on the day they would roam the earth.

The idea of trick or treating was to exchange a treat in exchange for a prayer.

Trick or treating was originally celebrated/performed in parts of the UK and Ireland and turnips or beetroots would be carved.  When the tradition moved to the USA in the 1800s pumpkins were easier to source and became a major symbol for the holiday.

Alternative ways to mark Halloween:

Some ideas from the Guinness World Records:

• Most pumpkins smashed in a minute

• Most Apples bobbed

• Loudest individual scream

• Most chocolate eaten (ok this was my addition, but now it’s on the internet, it’s a real thing, in a bulleted list along with items suggested by Guinness World Records…well, ok then I accept…I’ll try my best)


Happy Halloween


Writen by: Jayne Moss on 2018-10-24

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