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Remember Remember, the 21st November.

Fireworks, sparklers, a cosy fire, toffee apples, bonfire chilli, parkin, pork-pie and mushy peas…it’s here!! Can you find the hidden firework on one of the pages of the iauk.co.uk website?

[EDIT: The competition is now closed and the winner announced on social media channels.]

Ok bonfire night is still the 5th November but if you find the hidden firework on iauk.co.uk and enter our prize draw before noon on the 21st November (2018) you may win £50 in High Street Vouchers. All names of entrants with the correct answer will be entered into a hat and picked at random.  The end-date for entries is Wednesday 21st November at 12:00noon.  The draw will be performed and winner announced before close of business on 21st November.

If you’d like to take part please email your name and answer (the link to the page of our website containing the firework) to competition@iauk.co.uk, Share and Like our Post on The Social Media Channel you've found this first (preferably Facebook) to enter into our draw to win £50 in High Street Vouchers.

As an amusing aside…

My friend called this morning, she said when she’d gone to get dressed she could find only one sock, the clothes she had laid out the night before were missing and there were strange (but familiar) whispers coming from downstairs.  Getting quickly dressed she went down to find her kids sat proudly saying ‘look what we’ve made’…she quickly realised that their version of Guy Fawkes looks an awful lot like her this year ha ha ha extremely well dressed.  But where does this tradition originate?....

Bits about bonfire night:

-The origins of bonfire night go back to 1605 when 13 young catholic men conspired to assassinate King James 1st in the hopes that he would be replaced with a Catholic monarch.

-The men had rented the cellar bellow the houses of parliament where they had stored barrels of gunpowder.

-Due to the almost certain impact on innocent people one of the 13 wrote an anonymous letter of warning which found its way back to the King.

-Though the leader was named as Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes was the only man found in the cellar on 5th November when the Kings authorities foiled the gun powder plot.

-The people of London lit bonfires in celebration of the foiled assassination.

-Until the late 50s it was actually illegal not to celebrate bonfire night


Enjoy it and stay safe


The team at IAUK (Independent & Adjusting Appointments)

Writen by: Andrew Cowling on 2018-11-05

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