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Recruitment & Technology through the Years

Do you remember how recruitment was done before email existed, when piles of CV’s were printed out and stapled or bound nicely together, a cover letter signed and then posted out, either using a local courier, Royal Mail or if it was urgent the Secretary had to hand deliver the documents to the client?

Sometimes the Secretary would sit and spend an hour faxing each CV and covering letter together with a lovely completed fax cover sheet, only to hear the awful error beep from the fax machine to say it had failed or there was a paper jam… did page 10 go through ok or was it page 11, 12 13 that failed….? 


Correspondence from clients sometimes came in by fax, for long documents you had to be ready and waiting so that each page that came out did not roll up and then fall on the floor, and then you had to flatten and put in order each document and hope that you had everything in the right order.


To run a database search you had to put in your search criteria and set the search off on your lunch hour and hope that not too many other consultants were doing the same thing, or it might not have finished by the time you got back. 


The live vacancy database was an index card system in a flip up box, nicely colour coded, with extensive handwritten notes from the consultant… the name of the client’s wife, the kids, golf handicap, holidays etc… just trying to work out their system when they were on holiday was a challenge. 


Every bit of correspondence to the applicant or client was posted, using a whole forest sometimes in a really busy week ….


And can you imagine how hard it was to work a computer without a mouse…. Try Control and Shift F1, Control and Alt F1 and Shift F1 all were different commands for very different things and repeat the same sequence again for F2 to F12.  Try and use your computer without a mouse. You would not get very far at all!!!


How things have changed!!!

Writen by: Ros Lawrence on 2019-06-25

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