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Recruitment before the Invention of Smart Phones

Can you imagine only using your Smart Phone to make telephone calls and send texts….nothing more!! No emails sending your CV and application to jobs, no recruitment apps, no social media, no blogs, no Tweets, no looking on websites for new job vacancies!!!

For those that were lucky to have a mobile phone, that resembled a brick with a large antenna, they would definitely not fit snuggly in the back pocket of your jeans!!  When your phone did ring, it was so loud and embarrassing you had to pretend it wasn’t yours!

Recruiters had to leave messages on the candidates’ home landlines or leave a message with a family member who picked up the phone, spouse, parents, housekeeper! And hope the message would be passed on to them…. eventually!

The active jobseeker would have to wait to boot up the home PC and wait for the dial-up internet to kick in after unplugging the phone to try and look on a very basic website for vacancies that might be of interest.  For those that didn’t have a home PC it usual meant a trip to the local library and a wait for a computer to come free!!  It was usually quicker to wait for the weekly newspaper to be delivered and scour the jobs column!

Next time you leave your phone at home by mistake and you feel you are missing out on all the job posts, LinkedIn updates, Tweets, Blogs, emails from recruiters, phone calls etc…. it will give you a taste of what it was all about before smart phones existed!!

Writen by: Ros Lawrence on 2019-07-24

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