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IA versus AI

In the recruitment industry at the moment there is a buzz developing around the uptake of certain tech to automate the recruitment process using artificial intelligence to map candidate skills and requirements to the right roles.

We regularly adopt new tech and ideas to reach our clients and candidates and offer a modern and experienced service.  Whilst we recognise the importance of technology in the recruitment process and its clear benefits in streamlining and speeding up certain processes we also feel that the human interaction element cannot be replaced or its importance diminished.

Listening is key – our knowledgeable and experienced team speak with clients to discuss job opportunities, the full specification of the role, company culture, team morale.  We speak with and interview candidates assessing their skill and experience levels, their mind-set, likes and dislikes and getting a feel for their general attitude assessing how well they will match both the role and the team in which they are to be placed.  Overall throughout this process, although the CV has an important role to play, it makes up only a small portion of the picture of an individual and cannot be used in segregation to assess whether a role, team and company are the right fit.

A large proportion of time is spent at work so it is important to enjoy what you do and the environment you are in.

We look forward to discussing your requirements and finding out a little more about you.

Writen by: Helen Watson on 2019-05-29

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